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Make Heaven Crowded!

When I open up my mouth, miracles start breaking out. I have the authority, Jesus has given me! When I lift my voice and shout, walls start breaking down. I have the authority, Jesus has given me!  Ice Breakers   Sometimes, starting a conversation about our faith can be difficult. We don't want to sound "preachy" but we so badly want to share how wonderful God is! Our goal is to help provide the ice breakers that make starting the conversation easier.  What Moves You?  We all have a story, why not share it? 

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Only One Jesus

In times of trouble when it feels like everything is crumbling down, we turn to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. No man can take his place. So in times of distress, lean into him, lean into him with all your might. Pray, and pray some more! Never forget the sacrifice God has made for us. He loves us more than we could ever comprehend.  There is only one God. There is only on truth. There is only one Name that saves me. There is only one King that my heart will bow to.  My Savior, My Love.  There is only One. Only one Jesus!  (Song) Avalon - "Only One" 

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I Am Imperfect

I Am Perfectly Imperfect Written By: Michele Ahlman I suck sometimes. No really, I suck. I am the queen of procrastination. I get annoyed so easily it’s ridiculous. I’m judgmental. I’m stubborn. I’m impatient. I can be lazy when it comes to stuff I just don’t like to do. I can be mean when I’m pissed. I get defensive when I feel blamed and I am seriously freaked out at the thought of getting fat! Oh, and I am probably the worst basketball player ever! So, imperfect is my truth. And you know what? It’s the truth of everyone. Now, not everyone sucks the way I do, but everyone has things they suck at. So why am I so happy?...

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