I Am Imperfect

I Am Perfectly Imperfect

Written By: Michele Ahlman

I suck sometimes. No really, I suck. I am the queen of procrastination. I get annoyed so easily it’s ridiculous. I’m judgmental. I’m stubborn. I’m impatient. I can be lazy when it comes to stuff I just don’t like to do. I can be mean when I’m pissed. I get defensive when I feel blamed and I am seriously freaked out at the thought of getting fat! Oh, and I am probably the worst basketball player ever!

So, imperfect is my truth. And you know what? It’s the truth of everyone. Now, not everyone sucks the way I do, but everyone has things they suck at.

So why am I so happy? Why am I so grateful? It’s because I am soooo ok with my truth. I am soooo ok with who I am. And here’s the thing — I suck at a lot of stuff, but I am awesome at a lot of stuff too. I love deeply. I am loyal AF. I am a great listener and can articulate ideas that I am passionate about that can persuade people to follow. I lead with empathy. I fear very little. I believe in the good in people and love making people feel good.

I am grateful for my truth. I am grateful for every breathe I take. I am grateful for my mistake and yes, for my imperfections. And I am deeply grateful for the things I rock at.

I am perfectly imperfect.