Mission Statement

As Christianity has been pushed out of main stream culture, it is our duty as believers to engage and serve others and share our faith! Here at M2M our goal is to be Kingdom creators. We are creating meaningful pieces in hopes we can inspire more conversations about faith, scripture, Jesus Christ our King & Savior while celebrating our love of art & design


Who are we?  

As Born Again Christians, our family was not your typical story. We did not grow up in the Church, our faith hung in the background of our minds, rarely making its way to the forefront. It wasn’t until our family packed up our things, left Chicago Illinois, and moved down to the Texas Hill Country, that we really began to walk through life in Faith.

Now as devoted Believers, our lives have been transformed.

Sometimes, it can be hard to navigate the conversation around faith. We want so badly to share the greatness that is Jesus Christ. Often times, all it takes is that ice breaker to get the discussion going.
Our goal with M2M is to be your ice breaker.